Sir Isaac Newton:

The Apple and Beyond

(Theatre Presentation)

A Day Full of Physics Fun at Your School!

(Grades 5–8)


Introduce your students to the life and science of history’s greatest scientist, Sir Isaac Newton. This fast paced, interactive, educational theatre program debunks the old “apple on the head” story, while highlighting Newton’s monumental discoveries in gravity, motion, and light.

Running Time: 55 minutes    Audience Size: 150 (suggested maximum)

Move It! 

(Hands-On Physics Workshop)

In true Adventure Science Center tradition, this fun-filled workshop keeps students hopping as they explore first-hand the wonderful world of physics. Move It! takes your students through a whirlwind of activities as they delve into Newton’s Laws of Motion.

Running Time: 45-60 minutes     Workshop Size: 30 maximum


These presentations were developed in special partnership with the Adventure Science Center of Nashville. Please visit them at


This was an excellent program with a lot of energy! It made science & math fun and interesting.

Sequatchie County Middle School,  Sequatchie County TN


Great job! This was one of the best science programs I’ve ever seen!  Hats off!

Burks Middle School, Putnam County TN


I highly recommend this program. It provides a different kind of opportunity for learning that students do not have every day.

Ridgement Elementary School, Obion County TN