Two Exciting Presentations

Exploring Energy Sources and the Environment

Presented at Your School for Grades 3-8

The Energy Detective

(Educational Theatre Performance)

It is Detective Jimmy Ruff’s toughest case yet: discovering the perfect energy source for generating electricity. Is it Fossil Fuels? Solar Power? How about Water Power, Nuclear Energy, or Wind Power? Your students get into the action as they help Jimmy explore the pros and cons of each of these energy sources in this fast paced, entertaining, educational theatre performance. Along the way, they also pick up some valuable tips on how they can use electricity more efficiently to help the environment.

Running Time: 1 Hour    Audience Size: Up to 150

The Energy Casebook

(Hands-on Workshop)

Your students become the energy detectives in this hands-on energy workshop. Each four student “detective squad” searches for clues of energy waste and energy efficiency. They discover how large a role electricity plays in their every day lives and how they can help the environment by using electricity safely and efficiently.

All materials are provided for this fun-filled energy exploration.

Running Time: 45 – 60 minutes     Workshop Size: 32

These presentations were developed in special partnership with Duck River Electric Membership Corporation.

The teachers loved how standards based the workshop was, the kids loved it because it was fun and engaging!

Michigan Avenue School, Bradley County

The student response was overwhelmingly positive…they have gained tremendously in their knowledge of the conservation of energy, and more importantly, the ramifications for the future.

Dechard Elementary School, Franklin County TN

Informative and fun…the lessons learned will continue to influence generations to come.

New Union Elementary School, Coffee County TN