The price structure is the same for all three of the Educational Touring Theatre’s programs.

Basic Package................. $700.00

Includes one performance and one session of the corresponding workshop, or two performances of the same show. All  presentations will be provided on the same day. The cost of the Basic Package is the minimum performance fee, even if you select fewer presentations.

Additional Workshop........$100.00 each

Additional Performances..$ 100.00 each

Add additional performances or workshop sessions to your presentation day. You may have a total of up to five presentations per day. It is not possible to present different shows on the same day (i.e. Giants of Electrical Science and The Energy Detective, or The Energy Detective and Sir Isaac Newton: The Apple and Beyond).

Travel Fee

Schools located out of Tennessee may be charged an additional travel fee. Travel fees are based on the distance to your school from Nashville, TN. Please contact ETT for the specific fee to your area.




With tight budgets, some schools look for different methods of funding their Educational Touring Theatre presentations. Below are some funding possibilities that may benefit your school.

Student Ticket Subsidy Program

The Student Ticket Subsidy Program (STS) is one of the most popular funding programs for schools presenting ETT programs. With STS, your school could receive full or partial funding for your ETT presentations. The STS program is administered by the Tennessee Arts Commission.

The STS program is available to all Tennessee public schools. Once you have reserved your ETT presentation date, you will submit a simple on-line application form with the Tennessee Arts Commission. If you have never used the STS program, ETT can walk you through the entire process.

If your school does not receive your STS funding request, you may cancel your ETT reservation at no charge.

For complete STS information and guidelines, please visit the Tennessee Arts Commission at /

Title I Funding

Title I schools may use Title I funds to cover the cost of school wide ETT presentations if 40% of the school’s student population is from low-income families. Please contact your school’s Title I coordinator for more information.

PTA/PTO Funding

Many schools have received funding from their own PTAs or PTOs. Because they are educational and entertaining, and because they may involve students from different grade levels, ETT’s programs have proven very popular with PTAs and PTOs.

In-School Field Trip

Some schools approach ETT’s visit like a regular field trip and charge students a small fee to help cover the presentation costs. The “In-School Field Trip” has the added advantage that there is no student travel time involved and so it is much less disruptive to the regular class schedule. You also avoid the hassle of collecting permission slips!



The Educational Touring Theatre has worked directly with a number of organizations around Tennessee to provide program sponsorships. Listed below are the sponsorships that are currently available.

Middle Tennessee Electric Membership Corporation

The Middle Tennessee Electric Membership Corporation is currently sponsoring presentations of The Energy Detective. Each year, 30 schools in the MTEMC service area are selected on a first come, first served basis to receive an MTEMC sponsorship that allows them to present the Basic Package of The Energy Detective for just $75.00!

If your school is in the MTEMC service area and you would like to participate in this special sponsorship program, please contact ETT. Also, please visit the MTEMC website at to learn more about this outstanding organization.

Cumberland Electric Membership Corporation

The Cumberland Electric Membership Corporation sponsors The Energy Detective and Giants of Electrical Science presentations at 8-14 schools per year. Schools participating in the CEMC sponsorship program receive the Basic Package of either program for just $75.00. Participation in the CEMC sponsorship program is by invitation only and is limited to schools in the CEMC Service area.

For more information about how your CEMC school may be invited to participate, please contact ETT. Please visit to learn more about CEMC.